Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Almost Xmas!!!

Well we survived a trip up north to see the in-laws and celebrate Xmas with my brother in law and his family and my inlaws. We had a great time! The drive up was horrible, as it rained the entire time and took us 15 hours to get to Ocean City, Maryland. I think next time we just fly into Baltimore and drive down. It would be much easier! Reeves did great in the car. We had a DVD player, and he was able to watch all his favorite movies. We were able to walk the boardwalk in Ocean City, however everything closes down in the winter time, so it was rather dismal. Reeves had a great time though. He was trying to chase down birds, and he would stop at every leaf and try and pick it up. It was rather chilly out, so we didn't stay long. Here is a pic of Reeves with Barry on the boardwalk in Ocean City..

My brother in law and his family with my nephew arrived on Friday. AJ is growing up so fast, and it was so much fun to see them. Reeves had a great time with his cousin. We opened gifts, and needless to say Reeves is so spoiled!! I brought stuff for him to open, as well as my inlaws going insane with gifts, and my siter in law and brother in law doing the same. He will have more to open when we head to FLA this Sunday too..I think I may take some of the stuff that I got him to open in FLA and save it until his Bday or when the new baby arrives. I dont think he would even notice. Here is a pic of my adorable nephew!!

We headed to the Ravens vs Steelers game on Sunday. It was a great game, but the outcome was horrible. Here is a pic of where our season tickets are located. We are in the top level. I have not been to a game in 3 years, so I had a blast going to all the tailgates, as well as the game. It was sort of cold, but we had enough clothing on that it really was not that bad. We also taught Reeves how to do "touchdown". He lifts his hands in the air. It is super cute! He did get his first Ravens sweatshirt, and loves it!! He is the future QB!


Reeves also got his first hair cut. He really doesn't have that much hair, and to be honest we want to grow his hair longer. However, since we were in MD, and the guy that first cut Barry's hair is still good friends with my inlaws, and so he was able to come and cut Reeves hair. He did well, and we were able to save a little piece. It went rather quick, and we had to bribe him with a raisin bagel. YUM!

We head down to FLA this Sunday to celebrate more Xmas. We start at Disney World on Sunday, which is my favorite..I think Reeves is going to love it! Then we head to my parents for another eating adventure! I felt like all I did while we were in MD was eat! Everything was so good!!!

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