Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Well, things are moving along in the George household. I officially hit 34 weeks with this pregnancy, and starting to panic. I went into pre-term labor last week at 33 weeks 2 days. 3 rounds of terbuline later I was able to leave. No bedrest, which actually shocked me, but good for me, since I know I am a bad patient. After the trip to labor and delivery I starting thinking about all the things that I dont have for this baby..bottles, diapers, formula, etc. My parents came into town this past weekend, and we hit Babies R Us. I loaded up on items that I know I would need right away. Also, Barry was able to get the nursery about 95% finish. We have decided to put hardwoods down in the room, so that is pretty much the last thing that we have to do. Other than the panic from not having everything done, I am feeling okay. Tired, and huge, but okay.
Reeves is awesome! He is learning more and more each day. His favorite thing now is holding his hands in the air and saying "where did it go"..it is too cute. He is very much into Elmo and Spoonge Bob and Nemo. They are his go to stuffed animals around the house. I can't beleive he is already 19 months old going on 20 very soon. Where does the time go?
Well, just wanted to post a quick update to our status, and to Baby George #2 arrival. Hopefully he will decide to be good and stay in my belly for a little while longer. I delivered Reeves at 35 weeks, so that would be next week if we are on track with what I did before.

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